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    Default Fencing Pliers

    I am looking for a single tool that I can carry in my turn-out gear that will give me the best "bang for the buck". I tried a Leatherman Tool and found that it is difficult to operate with gloved hands and limited visibility. I had looked at some "gadget" multiple use tools in some cheap tool catalogs, but never bought one, figuring they would not handle the rigors of the job. I have purchased a pair of fencing pliers that I think will suit my needs. I have yet to use them, so I was curious to find out if any of my Brothers and Sisters on the Forum have carried one of these and, if so, what are your thought about them? To me, they seem to have some good points in that you have a hammer surface, a "pick" surface, a couple wire cutters and a plier of sorts. My only concern is that it is a little heavy.

    If you carry one.... I'd like to hear your observations!
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    Although I don't get a chance to get dirty as often as I used to, I kind of like this tool....

    The Res-Q-Rench from Task Force's light, folds up compact, and functions as a spanner wrench, pry tool, door chock, seat belt cutter, window punch, oxygen valve wrench, and gas meter shutoff tool. I don't suppose it would hold up to any really heavy prying...they're plastic, but it's some super high density space age stuff... on the other hand, I've never seen anyone break one. For their light weight they're pretty handy. Maybe not the tool you want to bet your life on, but they're great for lots of stuff....(Just remember to get it back if you use it as a door chock...cuz it's a pretty expensive door chock I have gone back to a fire scene the next day to retrieve mine.......)

    This has been brought up before and I recall a lot of guys swear by the fencing pliers. Vise-grip pliers are also popular, as well as lineman's pliers.
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    Fencing pliers in lieu of a Leatherman? Kind of different tools for different jobs...

    My opinion: I think you're better off getting a good quality knife and cutters. I carry a Benchmade dive knife, a pair of linesman pliers, and a pair of Gerber shears. They're all easy to use with gloves on. Keep a light coating of BreakfreeCLP on them to keep the rust at bay.

    The TFT tool is neat, but I stopped carrying it a while ago. If I need an O2 wrench, spanner, window punch, etc I can go to the truck and get it.

    Leathermen and microtools... not to practical for anything but around-the-station use. I haven't had an emergent need for a mini-screwdriver or little pliers. Usually you can wait for a toolbox to come in.

    I didn't see any practical reason to get fencing pliers... the simple linesman style won me over.

    Fire304 carried/carries a tomahawk-type thing... *shrug*
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    I've carried fence pliers for many years and they get used at almost every fire.
    The pick end is good for breaking windows, opposite the hammer end can be used for just that. Nailing down plastic after the fire (not used much) it has two wire cutters that will cut heavier gauge wire, not the best for multiple wires. Their are two gripping surfaces one at the tip like regular pliers and another by the handle. I've ised them on standpipes without a wheel, gas shut off, pull battery cables. With practice and imagination you can strip the plastic from the posts of most cars quickly to expose airbag components.
    The tool has many uses and if purchased from a good company is rugged.
    First set from the local hardware store broke on its second use.
    These are the ones I carry now:
    I dipped my handles in plastic to insulate/improve grip.
    I like them a lot.

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    Hmmm, dont think Ive ever seen anyone with a pair of the fencing pliers. Cool idea though.

    I agree, leathermans arent much use with gloves on. I carry mine in my department issued EMS pouch for use on medical calls. In my turnouts, I carry side cutters, vice-grips and a buck knife. I have a standard folding spanner, but am looking to replace it the TFT, just cause you can do more with it
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    You can fix anything from a screen door to a broken heart with a pair of fencing pliers. I've never thought about using them for this purpose, not a bad idea really.
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    Here's the version I use on my "other job". (See name) Fencing tool I use this with gloves all the time, as barbed wire tends to "bite"!! It is a very handy tool but leaves a lot to be desired as a hammer.

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