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    Default New member.... vol. firefighter, FPE, college student, moutaineer

    Ok, so I was joking about the last one.

    I've been on the Muddy Brook Fire Dept. for 3 years now in my hometown of Woodstock, CT.

    Most of my fire experience has been from the Auburn, MA Fire Dept. in the college student live in program of which I've been a member for two years.

    I'll be graduating in May from WPI with an MS in Fire Protection Engineering.

    Trying for a job with FM Global (Factory Mutual) in West Gloucester, RI.

    It is quite interesting to have both FF and FPE perspectives. And sometimes frustrating to get either side to see where the other is coming from. But if engineers and firefighters have one thing in common it seems to be bull headedness and the belief that they are always right... well... a lot of the time anyway.

    If anyone has any questions about that subject, or about the Auburn program or the WPI program, fire away.

    I'm pretty sure my roommate is floating around on this forum too, though's he's originally from RI, so I don't know how much you want to ask him. You know, RI folk... could be scary.

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    Hey FFSmoseley,

    I just came across your thread and was wondering if you might throw some advice my way... I am 24yrs old and am trying to get into the fire service. I know I may be a little older than most people are when they start, but i'm not going to let that stop me. I have been passionate about firefighting all my life, but have always been deterred by family and friends because I am female. However, after graduating with a BS in Computer Science and being stuck in an office behind a desk for about a year now, I know that I do not want this life and I want a job where I can stay active and help people.

    Well now that I have bored you with my background I will get to the point

    I actually just applied to WPI Fire Protection Engineering program just a couple of weeks ago (i'm patiently waiting for an acceptance letter I'm also trying to join an auxilary fire dept or a volunteer dept, and was wondering if you have any tips or advice. I have been studying like crazy reading anything i can get my hands on including IFSTA's firefighting essentials.

    So really any advice would be greatly appreciated especially if you had any insider stories about WPI's programs and what they offer outside the classroom as far as job related experience.

    Thanks for your help

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    Ive been a firefighter in Astoria Illinois on my hometown volunteer dept since october of 2003 while i was still 18. Since then i have gotten my EMT-B liscence and responded on a number of interesting and exciting calls. I can't even describe the pride i feel helping others and servince my community. I still get chills when i turn the siren on fulfilling my childhood dream.
    Caleb WJ Sheets

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