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  • Awarded in 2004, going for less money in 2005

    22 24.18%
  • Awarded in 2004, going for more money in 2005

    27 29.67%
  • Denied in 2004, going for less money in 2005

    24 26.37%
  • Denied in 2004, going for more money in 2005

    18 19.78%
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    Question It's that time again....

    Since I have asked this every year since 2001, might as well keep the tradition going.

    What did you go for in 2004, award or denial, total cost?
    What are you going for in 2005, more or less money?

    Since everyone else went back to 2001 I'll add it too:

    2001: Denied - Heavy Rescue & portable radios - $350K
    2002: Awarded - Heavy Rescue - $312K
    2003: Denied Last DJ Round - Quint - $678K
    2004: Denied before Peer Review - live burn trailer, personal SCBA masks - $320K
    2005: Electronic Accountability System, including software, toughbooks, etc, etc, for full NIMS compliance - $150K
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    Post I take the bait

    I will start from the begining.

    2001: Denied - Firecom, and brush truck.

    2002: Awarded - 14K for firecom

    2003: Awarded - 70K for turnout gear, TIC, hose and nozzles.

    2004: Awarded - 105K for SCBA, RIT packs and fill station.

    2005: Who Knows - 307K for our first new Engine (CAFS engine)

    We would never be in shape we are now if it hadn't been for these grants. I could not have look ahead 5 years ago and would have guessed we would be were we are today. A lot of our sucess has come from everyone here. Thanks for all your help.


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    2002-Awarded 87k new gear and air packs

    2003-Awarded 94k for new MSA air packs(16)

    2004-Awarded 198k for new engine 1st ever new engine recieved by my company since company started in 1946.

    2005- Going for fill station,gass sniffer 4 in 1, apparatus mounted exhaust system.

    With the 3 grants we started to become a "real" company with a real firetrucks,and finally after 32 years, our entire 2 engines and chiefs car all match color and striping.
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    Unhappy Here is our list

    2001: Denied, Pumper
    2002: Denied, Pumper
    2003: Denied, SCBA, Turnout gear, Hose, Training
    2004: Denied, Tanker
    2005: ??????, SCBA, Turnout gear, Hose

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    2001 - Denied in peer review
    2002 - Denied in peer review
    2003 - Denied in peer review
    2004 - Denied before peer review.
    2005 - Not holding my breath.
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    2003: Denied; This was my first year doing the grant and we tried to get every piece of equipment we needed.

    2004: Awarded; 92,000; PPE, SCBA's, TIC, RIT Pack, full complement of extrication equipment including airbags, projector and training materials.

    2005: $295,000; Going for a tanker according to DHS. 2000 gallon tank, 1250 gpm pump, CAFS, headsets, dump valves, tandem axle, etc...

    I hate to say this but we know our chances are not high in getting this. We evaluated our department and determined that this was the only project we could not fund alone so we are going for it. I think if everyone would do that there would not be so much negativity toward this program. In my opinion if you play by the rules and educate yourself it works!

    I would like to thank everyone for posting info on this site, it helps a lot!

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    Linwood, NC


    Will give this info on my home department, for which I have written every year...

    2003 (wrote the night before deadline) - awarded in January '04, SCBAs, TIC

    2004 - awarded February '05 - TO gear, Washer/Extractor, some IC gear and portable radios (they cut our computer/Haz Mat software)

    2005 - going for the whole she-bang... New Tanker to replace the 1955 (w/ 295,000 Miles on it!)

    Good Luck!

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    big money 2003 for radio and CAD upgrades, rejection in Feb. 2004: more radio stuff, going for a different program for 2005:$400k+ scba, TPASS (grace indust) system, compressor/storage/fill station. now the waiting begins.....

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    2001 - Denied: 40 Sets of PPE - $50K (Cheifs wrote the grant.. lol)
    2002 - Awarded: 40 Sets of PPE
    2003 - Denied: 32 Scott SCBA - $130k
    2004 - Awarded: 21 Scott SCBA, extra face masks, upgrade to cascade, RIT pack - $105K
    2005 - PPE again, K12, TIC and some pagers - $45k
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    2001-Denied vehicle and fitness program

    2002-Awarded $19,000 for portable radios

    2003-Awarded $93,000 SCBA upgrades and RIT training

    2004-Denied $33,000 for EMS training and equipment

    2005-Hopeful $27,000 for a replacement repeater and dispatch console
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    Let's see:

    2002: Pumper, denied by computer

    2003: ~$200,000 Pumper, again didn't make it past the 'HAL 9000' at FEMA (I'm sorry IFCOeng62ine, I'm afraid I can't do that...)

    2004: ~$73,000, PPE, gear washer, ladder, vent saw, traffic light opticoms, pagers, radios, ventilation fan, and kitchen sink (hahaha). Made it all the way to the last round of Dear John's before rejection.

    2005: ~$45,000: PPE and gear washer

    For me it was a slow learning process. Apparatus was deemed too competitive, so we changed our priorities a little. Our mistake in 2004 was we tried to get everything solved all at once, and ended up shooting ourselves in the foot in that we went another year without badly needed gear. This year we honed our list down to a bare minimum of what we absolutely needed, and what we thought we had the best shot at getting. Time will tell, but this grant program has officially become my "White Whale".

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    Default Re: Here is our list

    Originally posted by rbh1957
    2001: Denied, Pumper
    2002: Denied, Pumper
    2003: Denied, SCBA, Turnout gear, Hose, Training
    2004: Denied, Tanker
    2005: ??????, SCBA, Turnout gear, Hose
    Good luck this year, Blake.

    Here's our story:
    2001: pumper, denied by computer
    2002: pumper, denied by computer
    2003: SCBA, DJ'd
    2004: Awarded for SCBA, compressor, fill station, washer/extractor, training materials
    2005: tanker
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    2001 denied pumper
    2002 denied pumper
    2003 awarded $81,270 SCBA, RIT, compressor, cascade, 2 inch hose
    2004 denied used pumper
    2005 hoping for new pumper

    Like others we are hopeful that we can get what we truly need this year a pumper. Our pumper is 31 years old. We

    We are also grateful for receiving new scba last year. In one shot we were able to update everything and take advantage of the new technology available.


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    Default I'll play

    2001 - Denied - Light Rescue/PPE
    2002 - Denied - Pumper/Tanker (no shock, swung for the fence)
    2003 - Awarded - PPE/Cascade/TIC - $60k
    2004 - Awarded - Rescue tools/Airbags - $30k

    2005 - EMT-B Training - Using our app to get a basic class that will be open to any dept in the county, not just ours. - $15k

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    2004 - Awarded $108,000 for 35 sets of turnout gear, 35 sets of leather boots , 35 Minitor 4 pagers, Washer/Extracter, Scott Eagle 160 TIC, Complete Set of Action Fire Training Library and 2 Turbo Drafts

    2005- Going for $106,000 for upgrading all of our extrication tools including high pressure airbag system, 2 RIT packs, Upgrading all 22 of our SCBA to RIT connections, 10 800MHZ APCO Digital Portable Radios, hose tester,

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    2001 - Denied tanker and PPE
    2002 - Got smart read guidance carefully Awarded Health and Safety program with physicals Fit Tester $17,111
    2003 - Awarded 40+ sets PPE, T/O gear extractor, Headsets, TIC, Saw, RIT equipment, Six SCBA $133,000
    2004 - Denied in last round $58,000 for repeater and works
    2005 - Repeater (narrowband crossover to UHF and 800mhz) with the works, pagers, portables, computer. $69,100

    Always confident

    The Chief
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    Wink We Are Grateful

    Our little department is 15-20 years ahead of what we could have afforded on our own.
    2001 - 19K Water storage tank, poly tank to retrofit our 1955 tnaker chassis, upgrade filling station.
    2002 - Denied - Went for a $110,000 Brush Truck
    2003 - Awarded - $72K for a USED tanker
    2004 - Awarded - $48K for 11 sets bunker gear and a small CAFS unit to retrofit our 1971 brush truck
    2005 - ???? - Trying for $42K to replace our way, way outdated SCBA. 12 sets, one for each seated position on our rigs.

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    well since last year was our first year...

    2004 awarded scba's, turnout gear, wildland gear and thermal imaging camera.

    2005 pumper tanker.

    good luck all this year.

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    2003: Denied by computer. Requested $38,116 for new nozzles, hose and 8 sets of new turnout.

    2004: Denied by computer. Requested $180,000 for a new pumper tanker and 1800 feet of hose.

    2005: Hopeing for $117,642 for 100% new turnout gear (30 sets), 15 portable radios, 4 mobile radios and a dozen SCBA's.

    This is my first year doing this grant. I spent alot of time researching, planning and wrighting this grant. Hopefully we will have some good luck for a change.

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    2001 denied for I can't remember what

    2002 awarded 26K for SCBA & helmets

    2003 awarded 95K for Quick-Attack truck

    2004 awarded 17K for LDH, fittings, adapters, portable pump

    2005 hoping for a TIC

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