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    Default Poudre Fire Authority

    Anyone testing with poudre fire authority in Fort Collins, CO. The first interview process is coming up next week. I was wondering if anyone has been through there testing process before. The first interview is composed of 4-5 PFA firefighters/officers and they apparently give you 20 minutes for the interview. I was wondering if the interview consisted of standard interview questions or if it was somehow different than a standard interview. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. Stay safe!

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    I too am testing with Poudre. It is a standard interview, they won't throw anything at you that you shouldn't have prepared for already. Beyond that, good luck man.


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    Default Passed

    Well I have made it to the final stage of what has been a long hiring process. From the nearly 2000 applicants the number has been narrowed to 75 with 10 positions currently available. My final interview is a 5 minute Oral Resume. In the letter I received I was told to prepare a resume for all members of the board and then be prepared to give a 5 minute presentation on myself and my skills.

    I have been working hard at preparing a presentation that stands out above the rest. The only limitation is that I am not allowed to do a computer based presentation. I was hoping some people on here might be able to give me a little direction as to which path to go down. What kind of presentation would really stand out and make the board remember me over the other 74 candidates? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. This department has been my dream department to work for all my life and I finally feel like I have a real chance. I do not want to walk into this interview and choke. So please...any help would be so appreciated. Thank you all!


    Congrats on your quick success.

    If it is, this will be a two-part interview five min presentation on an oral resume and thirty min to answer questions.

    Five minutes will fly by and you won't have enough time to deliver a stand up dog and pony show. You can use an easel with your major points with color marking pens. You can use a pencil to write your notes lightly in the margin that the panel will not see.

    This is all about presentation skills! Try not to stand behind a lectern. Be out in front with the panel.

    Remember this. Nothing can replace the power of your words! Nothing! Keep it simple. Too many candidates will try to pull something off, get delayed and get time called on them just as they were getting to their best stuff.

    An oral resume is really the answer to the question what have you done to prepare for the position. It's your resume verbally. Start out with your education (keep it in chronological order), and then experience, any volunteer work you have done in your life and any projects you can attach your name to. Make it sound exciting.

    Nothing more. Nothing less. Practice with a tape recorder to get your timing, inflection, take out pause fillers like an, um etc, until it comes out of your mouth the way you want the panel to hear it.

    Capt.Bob Thank you so much for your valuable insight. Your words always seem to inspire me and I value evry bit of advice you give in this forum. I have been practicing with the tape recorder just like your cd's instruct to do and I think it is helping. I even did 1-0n1 coaching with Rob. My last few interviews have been a huge success due to that fact. I went from low 80's to high 90's! I am feeling so much more confident.

    That is why I am so scared about this particular interview. I feel that I have finally nailed the common oral interview...and now this is the first time I have ever been asked to do an oral resume presentation. I am nervous but working at getting over that. And yes, the interview is for PFA in Ft.Collins. Thank you for the heads up on the two part interview. Well, I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice...it means a lot to me and has been very helpful.

    You can find more on testing secrets in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.

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