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    Question Hello....Best Fire Training Institute

    Hi All,
    Firts timer here...been searching around for information about a good initial fire college/institute to attend.
    two criteria I'm interested in....
    2)Will it help me land a job.

    Through some previous asking around...I've heard of one in Texas...but dont know which one they were referring too. Any good ideas appreciated. (if there are previous posts about it, let me know too)
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hope this helps, but if you want more responses you may have to give some more details on your situation and what you are looking for.

    First where do you want to work and what do you want to do?
    Most agencies require you to have certain certifications, if you want to be a firefighter find out what certifications the depts are looking for that you are interested in. Many depts require you to have a specific state certification, so it might do you no good to get certified in one state and apply in another. Likewise some states require a state certification for EMT, others will take a National Registry certification, and some will take both. In many instances no matter what certification you have, the dept will still train you when you get hired, this is typically true with larger civil service depts. There are hundreds of certifications out there and they are not all interchangeable, so make sure you get the certifications you actually need.

    Second do you belong to a Dept or Agency?
    You may not be able to get into or participate in many training programs unless you are a member of a dept or agency. The big reason is without being a member there are liability / insurance coverage issues. You may want to see about becoming a Volunteer with a dept or agency, this will give you the needed coverage, and in many instances they will also cover some of your training expenses.

    I have certifications in 3 different states as a Firefighter, because as I moved around from state to state, each state would not recognize the other. I also have had 3 different EMT certifications because each state had their own requirements.

    Some certifications such as IFSAC/PRO BOARD (for fire related certifications) and National Registry (for emergency medical related certifications) are being recognized more across the board, but you definitely want to do your homework before you jump into any program.

    Try to do some homework and ask around, and see if you can find out what certifications you need. Then you can work on getting into the right program.

    If you end up having some specific questions after your research post back or email.

    Good Luck,
    Capt Richardson
    Training Officer - St Matthews FD
    Louisville, KY

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