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    Default Just finished my final live burn for the academy

    I am 2 weeks away from taking my final exam at the academy I am currently enrolled in here in florida.

    We had our final burn today "problem solving day"
    The words of our cheif "if a problem doesnt occur, we will make sure it does"

    It was amazing, the heat, the smoke, the flame, just 10 times heavier this time. Blazing down the road in the truck jumping out and boom getting to work on the burn building.

    I am so glad I've decided to keep my career goal i've had since i was 2 (im 19 now.)

    Can't wait to get hired and start down the road and learn more and experience more.

    Just wanted to share that, and to any new comers to the academy get ready for a great time in the academy.

    -Stay Safe
    Erin Go Bragh

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    Thumbs up academy


    welcome to the fire service! your goal in life was well chosen!!!!there is no brotherhood better than the one you have become a part of!!! 32 1/2 yrs ago was my start and the academy burned heating oil in the burn bulding,"HOT" and black ,talk about breaking in turnout gear! just so you know, the adrenalin rush will never go away!! good luck with your test and stay safe,that job is just around the corner

    "there is no greater family outside our own than the brotherhood of firefighters"

    helping people,
    it's what we do!

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    if you are this excited at a training burn ...... man i would like to see your face at you're first real burner !!

    probably look like ..........

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