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    Default Philly FF's hurt AGAIN!

    Mayor Street's administration has hurt the Philadelphia Fire Department so many times, you'd think they couldn't do it again.......They have always seemed to take a cinic pleasure in hurting the firefighters....Even when the firefighters won a grievance or ULP, or won an arbitration, Mayor Street would find a way to screw them through a loophole....But now...With this arbitrator's ruling, Johny Boy himself is probably dancing as we speak....If anyone is familiar with the current Federal corruption case now ongoing in Phila Federal Court, you know that the mayor is being watched VERRRRRY carefully.......Mayor Street, I can only hope that the wiretaps (before the Police Commissioners Son tipped you off to their existence) found something on you and the Fibbies are waiting to snag you! Rot in hell!

    City gets OK for Fire Dept. cuts
    An arbitrator upheld the Street administration's plan, but a labor complaint must be resolved first.

    By Anthony S. Twyman
    Inquirer Staff Writer

    A city arbitrator ruled yesterday that the Street administration could go forward with its plan to shut down four engine and four ladder fire companies to save the cash-strapped city nearly $7 million annually.

    But the decision is in limbo.

    Common Pleas Court Judge Matthew D. Carrafiello's injunction last year blocks the city from making the budget cuts until the state resolves an unfair-labor-practice complaint filed by the firefighters' union, according to Pedro Ramos, the city managing director and former city solicitor.

    Ramos said the city would ask the state Labor Relations Board, which would handle the complaint, to accept the arbitrator's ruling, freeing the city to proceed with the reorganization of the Fire Department.

    Richard Poulson, an attorney for Local 22 of the International Association of Firefighters, said the union was considering asking the court to vacate the arbitrator's decision.

    "We're going to review the [arbitrator's] award and the applicable legal standards and determine if there's a basis for an appeal," Poulson said.

    In his decision yesterday, Kinard Lang, the arbitrator, concluded that the city does not have to bargain with the union until after it implements its reorganization plan.

    Lang wrote that while he shared Carrafiello's "compassion for the firefighters," he did not agree with him. Lang said the law and the collective-bargaining agreement between the city and the union require the city to "bargain with the Union regarding the health and safety impact, if any, of the City's Redeployment Plan, following its implementation."

    The Street administration had sought to close the eight fire companies by July 2004. No firefighters were to be laid off, and no firehouses were to be closed. Instead, individual companies within the firehouses were to be either closed or reorganized.

    A ladder company specializes in rescues and consists of a fire vehicle with a ladder staffed by one officer and four firefighters. An engine company carries water to extinguish fires and consists of one officer and three firefighters.

    The eight fire company closures are part of an overall plan that also would relocate six companies and create eight new emergency medical service units that would operate 12 hours a day to respond to a sharp rise over the years in calls from residents for emergency services.

    The administration anticipated the entire plan would save the city $6.8 million annually.

    Ramos said the city yesterday moved ahead with its plans to buy 10 emergency medical trucks, expected to cost $1.25 million.

    Citing the increase in emergency medical calls, Ramos said the arbitrator's ruling gives the fire commissioner "the ability to change as times change."

    But Thomas O'Drain, president of the firefighters' union, said the administration's plan would jeopardize the safety of the public and firefighters.

    "We want to try and get in front of Judge Carrafiello again and ask for a stay on the award," he said.
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    Im probably going to get bashed for this, but the important thing is nobodys going to be out of work. Oh, I undrstand what the reduction of companys does as far as safety is concerned, I just think this is an example of picking the wrong fight. Save your energy for if/when they come after jobs. Just be happy all the brothers/sisters will still be getting paychecks.

    I went through haveing my department close. The area was split between other local departments, and all of us got hired. I lost my seniority, pension and rank (Lt.) but at least I could still feed my family.
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    No one is getting laid off because they are 300-400 guys short already.

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    We can only hope that investigation into Street gets a little closer to home soon. They are working hard to achieve the illusion of safety, adding more ambulances, closing companies but not stations. Protecting the historical district and Old City with a chief, Rescue 1 and a bus is amazing.

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    Actually, I believe one of the stations (squrt-38) is being completely shut down so that a ramp from I-95 can be put in its place.

    It is a complete shame that a highway is more important than an individual's career and a neighborhood's safety

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    I was praying that after the LODD's they had last year this issue would pass. But God only knows how far they'll take it with the FD. Before you know it Street will get the idea that he could get the volly companies in the burbs to cover most the calls on the outlying part of the city and cut staffing even more. Where do you draw the line with something like this?
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    Originally posted by stcommodore
    I was praying that after the LODD's they had last year this issue would pass. But God only knows how far they'll take it with the FD. Before you know it Street will get the idea that he could get the volly companies in the burbs to cover most the calls on the outlying part of the city and cut staffing even more. Where do you draw the line with something like this?
    Let's not give Mr. Street any ideas. I know that last year, out in Upper Roxborough, they called in some Montco tankers because of the location.

    Hopefully we might think that we're paid out here and not get any 'bright ideas'.

    The guy is boob, plain and simple....I'm a democrat, and I don't even like him....
    Once again....the above views are my own and not that of my department. (And probably should not be construed as having any real meaning, whatsoever!)


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