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    hey guys,

    just wanted to see what fire videos people recommend these days, if any. I have seen my old tapes too many times to count and am curious as to what is new or highly regarded out there. generally i like stuff with some narration, good amount of ride-along footage and where they don't just film one fire for 10-15 minutes without changing the angle.

    have already seen Brothers in Battle, which seems to always be a big favorite. also have seen a fair amount of the FDNY war years videos

    Also, if you can indicate where any titles you suggest are available.


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    I collect fireground footage tapes. I have quite a few in my collection and add to it all the time. My favorite video series is from Fire Line Video (www.firelinevideo.com). They have a series called FDNY The Battle Continues. Some of those tapes are awesome. I also have some videos from Advanced Video (www.firevideo.com). They have a lot of FDNY and other bigger cities. As for documentaries, check out "Brotherhood, Life in the FDNY") (http://www.brotherhoodfilm.com/site.html). It is an excellent DVD. Some great Chicago fire tapes are made by ChicagoLand videos (http://www.chicagofirevideo.com/index.html). There is a box set called "The Bravest" which is a 4 episodes from the TV show The Bravest. The two tapes feature FDNY and San Francisco. They also sell a lot of videos at http://www.fire-police-ems.com.

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