The Friendship Fire Company of Birdsboro PA is offering its' 1979/90 Mack chassis for sale.

The chassis is currently used as an aerialscope. In May the truck will be taken to Pierce to have all the aerial equipment removed and transfered to a new Pierce Dash chassis.

The truck was purchased from FDNY in 1990 and totally refurbished by Mack and Baker including new cab components, new body. The chassis and frame were totally sandblasted and cleaned. The Maxidyne engine and Allison transmission were also refurbished and a heavy duty brake system upgrade was added. The truck has seen light duty as a suburban truck and has around 12,000 miles on the refurb.

The buyer will be responsible for picking up the truck in Appleton when Pierce has completed the removal of the aerial equipment. The truck can be seen at our website, or on e-bay.

For more information please call Chief Engineer Jon Buchanan at 610-582-0058.