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    Default hello and assistance if possible

    This is my first post and I would like to say Hola to all my fellow firefighter. I am a volunteer with the La Paz BCS,MX Fire Department. I have been a volunteer for 4 years, during that time I have recieved my Basic EMT certificate from the Mex Red Cross. I have recieved various other training from the department. I function as the only bi-lingual member of their staff, assisting in explaining equipment operation to my fellow firefighters, when items are deliverd by non-Spanish speaking donators.

    Now on to my problem; I loaned my 'comabat-fire' clothes for them to be used in a local childrens parade. Unfortunately, my helmet was not returned to the station with the other equipment. Our department operates on a very small budget and I am having a problem getting the 'powers at be' to issue me another helmet.
    I would like to solicit your assistance in getting a used helmet for my personal use. New helmets here may run over 2,000 pesos. My income is limited and would like to acquire a used one in good / safe condition .
    Thanks, My resonse time to any correspondence will be slow as I do not own a computer.

    hola saludos este es mi primer carta a mis amigos bomberos, soy voluntaria desde hace 4 anos. resibi mi certificado de tum. en cruz roja,y tengo otros entrenamientos que recibi del departamento soy la unica que habla 2 idiomas ahi, y puedo explicar a otras personas que pasa,cuando no hablan espanol. sobrevivimos de donaciones de su pais. pasando a mi probla, preste mi equipo para un desfile de ninos, y al regresar mi equipo este no benia completo,faltaba mi casco de combate y no me permiten trabajar sin el.quisiera comprar uno en buenas usado en buenas condiciones, porque aqui son muy caros y no tengo los medios para comprar uno nuevo,el precio en mexico es de 2,000 pesos.mi respuesta podria ser lenta pues no tengo computadora propia, gracias mil diana desde la paz b.c.s. mexico

    (I'm Mike and I prepared the English version, Dianna translated to Spanish. It was my wife who borrowed the equipment and it all went on the truck headed back to station...stranger things have happened...)

    Pics are of parade and other is the local new firehouse.

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    You never loan out you PPE to any one! Learn from your mistake!

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