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    Default Attaching Pictures WITHOUT link

    Now, I try to post alot of photos on here but they always show up as a link, I really dislike that, how do you post the picture itself into the body? Thanks in advance and Yes,I know this is a stupid question.

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    If you are trying to post a picture from another website it may show up as a link. If you have the picture saved on your machine go to the attach file - hit browse find the pic you want to post and double click on it. - it should be that simple if the picture is the correct size, if not you will have to resize the image.

    hope that helps.
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    Most stuff on the web is in .bmp format, which posts here as a link. Just download the picture onto your computer, open it in Paint or something, and save it as a .jpg, which will post in the body of the message.
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