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    Default Finally making the plunge

    Well guys after a year at being a volunteer and learning alot I believe this is the career and life that I want. I can not imagine anyhting but being a firefighter. I am going to go to other depts around here locally to apply for a job as a fire fighter. I am volunteer Cert. and will be taking my EMT next year in college. I was wondering if you guys could provide me with some help on how to be the best at what I do, and how to look good for these guys. I thought about sending myself to the Fire Academy that way I would save the deptartment I want to go through the money of sending me through and I could start ASAP. Is this a good idea or not? I am all ears, no better way to learn than from the people who have been there.

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    Default Yo...

    There are so many places to start. First, consider Paramedic
    school. Second, I look beyond just the "local areas".

    There are websitse that is dedicated to people like you just
    getting started.

    Please check out the forums at- www.firecareers.com Plus
    you can subscibe and get job info there.

    Also consider www.firerecruit.com

    Get started on alot of other stuff at- www.eatstress.com

    I am sure you will get more info. and you dive into this.


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