The written psych test is more than likely a MMPI-2 with around 1,000 questions and maybe an additional personality test and family history form.

The test sets up a profile of you. It's the interview with the psychologists where the wheels start coming off your wagon.

Here's a recent situation:

Believe it or not the evaluation with the psychologist is part of the interview process!

The phone rings. I could tell by the caller ID this was a candidate Iíve talked to recently.

Steve asks me if I have any information on the MMPI-2 test?

CB: Yes, thatís the written portion for the psych test. Why do you ask?

SM: Well, I just failed a psych.

CB: You have our book, right?

SM: Yes.

CB: Are you aware that the Conquer the Psychological Special Report is a section the book?

SM: Yes.

CB: Did you read it before your psych test?

SM: It happened so fast I didnít have time.

CB: What, they woke you up in the middle of the night and gave you the test? Let me get this right, you had our report and didn't take the time to prepare before you went in.

SM: Well, really I thought that I could just go do it and pass. I guess Iím another one of those stupid guys you write about.

CB: Let me take a shot at this. You volunteered information during the interview with the psychologist and created trails where you didnít have

SM: Yes.

CB: You told the psychologist anything he wanted to know?

SM: Yep.

CB: You got chatty and thought this guy was your friend?

SM: Yea, I guess I did.

CB: You thought there was some kind of doctor patient confidentially?

SM: Yea, I did.

CB: Then there should be no mystery why you failed. Had you read the report we wouldnít be talking right now. You went in and stepped on most of the land mines possible. At some point it's completely up to

The goal is to be prepared for each step of the hiring process before you show up.

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