The snow was covering the ground here 2 weeks ago, and already, we're chasing brush fires. Not too long ago, permits were not required to burn brush or leaves, and people did a fair amount of burning, with very few problems. Now, it seems like everyone who gets a permit, lets the fire get away from them. I'm guessing that this isn't limited to our area, and wondering what everyone else has been doing about it. The local ranger told me that she was going to throw her warning book away, and go right for the summons book if people don't smartin' up.
Before permits were a requirement, if we wanted to burn, we'd wait until a suitible day, and then stay with it until it was completely out. Now, people light them and go in to answer the phone, and due to poor prep work around the burn, it spreads quikly, and the rest you can imagine. This is how most wildland fires get started around here. Ground fuels are no more flammable now than they were 30 years ago, but they sure do seem to catch on fire more than they did. Are people really this uninformed? Or did I miss something?
How can we get SO MANY people to " smartin up ", so we don't have to do so much policing?