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    Question Vatican City Fire Brigade?

    Anyone have any information about the history of the Vatican City Fire Brigade.

    The voting on the new pope involves 24 /7 LIVE CAM coverage of a flue at the Vatican City.

    Where there is smoke,there is fire.

    Where there is fire ,there must be firefighters.

    The only information I have found is that it may be one of the smallest coverage ares in the world at around 100 acres.
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    On the way to the station. Really. It's 12 kilometers away and there's traffic.


    Sorry, I don't have any details on Vatican City, but I was thinking along a similar line tonight on the way home. Judging by the number of people who call 911 when the flare pot gets lit on top of one of our taller buildings (a symbolic torch, left over from the Olympics), I was thinking,

    "I sure wouldn't want to be a fire dispatcher in Rome this week."

    All respect to everyone involved, of course!

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    From http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/15276b.htm

    The supreme board of administration within the palace is the Prefettura dei Sacri Palazzi Apostolici, at the head of which stands as prefect the secretary of state. He is assisted by the sub-prefect, who, as executive and supervising official, possesses extensive authority. All artistic and scientific undertakings are subject in so far as their economic aspect is concerned, to the decision of the prefect. The departments of building, furnishing, administration of the magazine, household management, fire brigade, accountancy, the stables, printing works, gardening, and some other divisions are administered, under the supervision of the prefect, by more or less independent boards....


    There is within the Vatican a well-organized service of police and guards. Military and police bodies protect persons and property,
    and the fire department prevents damage from fire. The special military guardians of the palace are the Swiss Guards; entrusted with the specifically police duties are the gendarmes. The Palatine Guards are rather a guard of honour, and the Noble Guard a mounted bodyguard with very limited service. The fire brigade is formed by the Guardie del Fuoco. In view of the peculiar political position of the pope in Rome, the careful guarding of the Vatican presents special difficulties; but, despite the objectionable attitude of the Italian police commissioners in the Borgo, few contretemps are to be complained of. For among the great throngs to the papal assemblages there are always some ready to seize the opportunity to create a disturbance, if the slightest pretext offers itself.


    The Vatican fire-brigade, which is organized according to the most modern methods, is employed also for other duties, since they are rarely needed on their main duty. The brigade possesses no special features.
    There are also several mentionings and references to past (and I mean PAST) fires and desires to plan/prevent fires on that page.

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