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    Default Surplus gear...?

    I am in search of the best way to equip myself and a few of my firefighter buddies in some solid wildland gear for less than almost 300 bones a pop. We fight fire for the county here, and intend to run a type 6 engine for a guy we know on some State Mobe fires this summer. Of course we could unofficailly take out county gear... but I would rather not. Im not into ****in off the superiors. I was wondering if there was anyway to get ahold of surplus, or used, or military, or maybe even gear that is still in service, but the dept upgraded? New stuff is close to 150 a piece (shirt and pants) and I havent even looked at webgear yet. I tried ebay... there isnt much of a selection there. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Check Ebay. They have all kinds of gear and clothing.

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