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    Talking Engine 1 on scene, 1 roll toilet paper fire, strike me a second and third alarm...

    Or, to fit the locale of the fire. "In attendance, one toilet roll alight, make pumps 16."

    Don't laugh, how would you like to be the officer that had to call multiple alarms for a TP fire. Never mind the TP roll was the size of a car, if you're the initial IC this one will follow you forever.

    From icNewcastle:

    Giant toilet roll starts factory fire

    Apr 18 2005

    By Rhodri Phillips, The Journal

    A roll of toilet paper the size of a car caught fire at a factory yesterday, in a blaze which took more than eight hours to put out.

    More than 50 firefighters and 16 fire engines were called to the blaze at SCA Hygiene in Princess Way, Prudhoe, Northumberland.

    The fire started in the factory's pulp yard, which contained dozens of giant rolls of toilet paper, just after 3pm on Saturday.

    No-one was injured and production at the factory - at the centre of a controversial planning application - resumed on Saturday evening.

    Hexham fire station officer John Arnold said the absorbency and size of the rolls of toilet paper had complicated the firefighting operation.

    Rolls of paper which were not alight absorbed a lot of the water, taking it away from the heart of the blaze.

    Station officer Arnold said: "The fire was not as serious as the number of personnel involved and the time taken might suggest.

    "The fire was under control within the first hour.

    "It was then a case of breaking up the rolls, which were the size of a car, and damping them down.

    "This was difficult at first because the rolls were absorbing the water.

    "It is important to say no-one was ever in any danger and there was no environmental damage done."

    He said it looked as though the fire had started accidentally - triggered by a forklift truck scraping the ground and igniting a spark, or by something in the production system.

    "Either way, it has never happened at this factory before and is unlikely to happen again.

    "This was a freak accident, a one-off," he said.

    SCA is an international paper company which produces and sells hygiene products.

    A spokesman last night said: "The fire took place in the pulp storage area which stores raw materials for use in the manufacturing process.

    "We are pleased to confirm that no people were hurt and the fire was quickly and effectively dealt with by Northumberland and Tyne and Wear fire brigades, with support from the internal fire crew. There has been minimal damage to the pulp storage building and a small amount of damage to raw material.

    "The cause of the fire is as yet unknown."

    SCA Hygiene has applied to Tynedale Council for planning permission to extend their Prudhoe factory.

    More than 1,200 people have objected to the proposed 40metre extension, which would be twice as high as the Angel of the North.

    Planners are due to meet on Wednesday to decide whether to give the extension the go-ahead.

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    GEEEEEZ can the sewer handle all of that! Talk about your supersize
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    Hey Martin, were your guys in on this one?
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    Talking What a Guy

    We can gather that the the toilet roll was rather large.

    What about the person that used it for the purpose it was intended?

    Would most certainly not pick an argument with him!!
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    Default Re: Engine 1 on scene, 1 roll toilet paper fire, strike me a second and third alarm...

    Originally posted by EFD840
    A roll of toilet paper the size of a car caught fire at a factory yesterday, in a blaze which took more than eight hours to put out.
    Okay, first it was 2-ply, then double roll, then bulk size.

    Now where in the hell am I going to find a Toilet Paper dispenser big enough to hold this size roll.
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    I guess this is one time that your toilet paper being super absorbant was not a good thing .........

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    Well, one thing we know for sure .... if the s**t hits the fan at that meeting about expanding the plant, they'll have plenty of TP available to clean up the mess.

    (I am so sorrrrrrry .... but I just couldn't resist)

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    Well, knowing some of the folks at my old station, we would have taken one home afterwards--and have gone through it by the end of the shift!

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    My crew was one of the 16 pumps in attendance at this one. Fires are nothing unusual at this plant, which averages about 1 decent job a month. Not sure that this was a one off fire, as their house keeping on site is'nt all that great. I think as they are a big local employer, a blind eye is turned to any mishaps they might have, in order to keep them in the town. The guys who went to the job said it was along drawn out process to get to the seat of the fire and most of the crew who went in came out looking like snowmen becuase of all the paper floating about!
    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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    Default I'll take a 4 pack

    With all the BS going on over here in Iraq ,a few of those rolls could come in handy to wipe the $h!t coming from high.

    Amusing Story.....

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