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    Default Kiwi is moving over the ditch

    In late July we as a family are relocating to the Perth Area.

    Looking forward to it as this country has gone to the dogs.

    Lesbian Prime Minister.

    OSH gone crazy, can't even fix up your own house now unless you are a qualified builder.

    And a bunch of other stuff that we will leave well enough alone.

    Damn, I am going to miss the coutry side and the scenery, and a few people. But thats about all.

    At least we are not shifting to where bear is written as XXXX.
    Was that a typo at the printers?
    Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
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    The reason its called xxxx is because queenslanders cant spell and cant only count to ten! It saves a lot of hassle when it comes to them buying alcohol. Beer is four of those squiggly things and rum is 3. Whiskey is seven squiggles, etc...

    Is your Prime Minister really lesbian? I always suspected it but i didnt know she was. *shudders at the thought of her*
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    For all the life of me, i cant see a firefighter going to hell. At least not for very long. We would end up putting out all the fires and annoying the devil too much.

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    Hey Kiwi-

    Are you planning on remaining in the fire service once you get to Perth?

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    Talking Perth is lovely. Enjoy!

    Hiya flyingkiwi,

    It has been a long time since I posted on these forums. How have you been?

    I was over in Perth in March this year and it is a lovely place. It was my first visit but intend many more. My brother and his family have moved there and they absolutely love it there.

    Hope you enjoy our fair land and you settle in quickly.

    Take care

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    I come from The Land Down Under!


    In late July we as a family are relocating to the Perth Area.
    Lock up your dogs peoples....

    Well done Kiwi- what will you be doing with your time?

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