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    My departments on a tight budget too, so it is essential to keep it in top condition.Because as soon as you ruin that set your done till the next grant or fundraiser.
    you guys wanna play a prank on some of the older traditional guys take there gear and wash it, Scrub there helmet down so it shines then watch there reaction.....Priceless
    But any way id rather show the public Nice clean gear so they know there tax money isnt being wasted in plus i run EMS calls wearing my bunker pants so there always clean
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    Looking at a helmet you can usually tell where they have been. It is a symbol of who they are. A clean helmet sticks out like a beacon on the fire ground, you can always tell who the FFOP's are and you can tell who the bakers are in the bunch. I'm a believer that you let the work you do put it's scare on the leather, no phony controled training fires or ovens. The shield only tells you what company you are on....the helmet tells you where you have been!! I wouldnt worry about the new shield, when you drag them thru a few fires they will know where your from. Thats if they can keep up!!

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    I didn't say my department buys new gear all the time, or we wear dirty and nasty gear.

    There is a range of what is acceptable condition for turnout gear. Some guys operate on 1 end of that range, others on the other end of what is acceptable.

    Is one guy right and one guy wrong? No, they just have different preferences for how they keep their gear.

    My statement was to agree that the most important thing about your gear is that it performs to the best of it's ability.

    Nothing to argue about here.

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