What was the most interesting moment during the medical call I went on last week?

Was it the initial callout, for a 39 year old male with a possible heart attack?
No. I guess that’s pretty young, but it has happened.

Was it the update while we were en route that he was “very uncooperative over the phone and deputies will be responding”?
No. People get wiggy sometimes under pressure due to anxiety or whatever.

Was it when dispatch called back and asked us to stage away from the scene?
No. If someone is wiggy, we have no problem waiting until cops show up with guns before going in.

Was it when we were cleared to enter the scene and found out that the patient was hopped up on methamphetamines?
No. Unfortunately this is a growing problem here like anywhere else.

Was it when we realized his house was also a "small time" meth lab?
Now this was a strong candidate for most interesting moment. In fact, it was the most interesting moment for a little while. We took the patient outside.

Was it when I was nicknamed the “bionic runner”?
No, but there is an interesting side story here. On the initial response I drove my own car. Since we were instructed to stage, I was one of several people that left our cars at the staging point and rode into the scene on Rescue 4 when we were cleared to enter. After the meth lab was found, I was sent back to get Engine 1. Since I didn’t have my car at the scene, I took someone else’s car back to the station. I brought Engine 1 to the staging point. It dawned on someone at the staging point who showed up late on the original call that my personal vehicle was already at the staging point even though I had just driven up in Engine 1, and they REALLY wanted to know how I had pulled that off! It was guessed that I must have bionic running speed and ran back to the hall (three miles) to get the truck. But back to the story...

Was it when the patient did in fact go wiggy and started punching holes in the walls?
No. Although this can be exciting, it is a lot less exciting when cops with guns are around to control the situation and get him back outside again. In any case, I wasn’t there to see that part, so it wasn’t interesting to me at all.

Was it when a drunk guy who came out of the bar next our staging point tried to steal my fire engine?
YES! We have a winner! This was the highlight. We were clustered and chatting when someone asked me “who’s getting in your truck?” We turned around and saw someone in the cab of Engine 1, and started running over. I was going to open the door, reach in the cab and flip the battery switch, which is located on the floor inside the door – easy to reach without actually climbing onto the truck or getting in harm’s way. He gunned the engine, but thankfully didn’t know how to put the truck in gear or disengage the parking brake. We yanked him out pretty rough and the Chief ripped him a nice new hole, and seriously pondered pressing a felony charge (I didn’t know before, but stealing or attempting to steal an “official” law enforcement or emergency response vehicle is a felony).

I would never have lived it down if a drunk guy had stolen my fire engine!