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    I was out and about today and decided to stop by the local MSP post to check on the expiration date of my scanner permit. For those of you who donít know, older permits do expire while the newer ones are good forever. The date is not printed on the older ones either, so I decided to check.

    Of course, I got some questions about what I listen to and why I have a radio. (I really wanted to say itís none of his business. I have followed the law by obtaining a permit, and I am doing nothing illegal with it. But I decided to stay on his good side and politely answer)

    Anyway, they couldnít find any record of my permit. They looked up my permit number and name. No record of my name but my number was actually assigned to someone else!

    So now I need to reapply and hope I donít get pulled over until then.

    Let this be a lesson to all. If you have a permit, it may not be a bad idea to check on the status of it.

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    It is not illegal to have a scanner where I am. But thanks for the heads up !

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