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    Default Propane Explosions

    Propane Gas Explosion

    "We heard an explosion." Timmy Howele has a business right across the street from Dixie Gas in Bolivar, Tennessee. This afternoon Howele says he heard and explosion and knew something was very wrong. "...a few minutes later the fire department started moving in, then it was explosion after explosion, then it was a couple of big explosions followed by some smaller explosions."

    The Bolivar Fire Chief tells us a 14-gallon propane tank, like the ones you'd use for a gas grill, exploded. That triggered other explosions and fires. Fire fighters decided for their own safety to pull back and let the fire burn itself out, which could take days. They also evacuated all homes and businesses within one-mile radius of the plant. Dixie Gas has several 5000-gallon tanks on its property, and fire is crawling up around those tanks. Bolivar Fire Chief Jake Baker tells Eyewitness News if those tanks explode it could be disastrous, "... it would be oblivion. It would be bad, it could really get bad. We've got four 5000 gallon propane tanks side by side."

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    Can anybody say Kingman AZ ?????

    Sounds like they can awfully close to repeating that senerio. Maybe would have a been a good thing if they retreated a bit sooner ... but the important thing is they did make the right decision when things started to get really bad, and all the brothers went home.

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