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    Default MSA Evolution 5200?

    Can anyone tell me the differance between the 5200 and the 5000?

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    The 5200 has new technology that increases resolution and prevents white out.

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    Default Re: MSA Evolution 5200?

    Originally posted by benson11
    Can anyone tell me the differance between the 5200 and the 5000?
    The primary difference is the engine core, or sensor and electronics package. The core of the 5000 and the 5200 are both from a company called Indigo. The new core has additional color features, such as the multicolor feature already on ISG and Bullard imagers. It also has a larger detector (effectively 324x240 pixel), which technically means greater resolution. But on a 3-4 inch video display, firefighters will not notice a difference in resolution. The core has a slightly lower operating temperature than some of the other cores available, and it's maximum viewable temperature is more than the MSA 5000 core, but about 100 F lower than some of the competitors.

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