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    Default To Refurb or not to Refurb

    One of our rigs were involved in an accident. Manufacture is doing the repairs and chief is thinnking about refurbing. Was looking for a little input and/or Pros's and Con's of it.

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    Lightbulb Points to ponder...

    Other than the collision damage, how is the rest of the truck?

    Are the mechanicals, drivetrain and basic chassis in decent condition?

    What is the mileage or hours on the rig?

    How far will the vehicle's life extended by doing a refurb?

    Is it worth spending tens of thousands on a rig that may be replaced in a short period of time?

    If it is a POS... will it end up being a POS with a new paint job?

    Can you get an upgrade to ABS on the braking system, better electronics, etc.?
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    A lot of vehicles are being "obsoleted"(read hard to get parts for)at ten or so years old.So this can become a factor in the rehab or replace equasion.The manufacturer can be of assistance in advising you if rehab/refurb is a practical solution. T.C.

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    Cool refurb

    I suppose that this brings up the dreaded subject of money again. If money is the leading issue then a straight heads up repair is where its at. If money is NOT the issue then you would want all of the latest and greates updates to each and every area of the unit like brakes,lights etc.Good luck and be sure whatever is being done is correct and not haphazrdly put together.

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