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    Just wondering how other departments handle their preplans. We currently are in the dark ages with three ring binders on all our engines. We are trying to come up with better ideas to manage them. Your thoughts would be helpful.

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    I understand what you mean. We also have the binders full of chicken scratch that has to be decifered before becoming that least bit useful. We are currently in the process of updating all of our preplans starting with the high life hazards nursing homes, churches and so forth. The way I've been doing them is I'd gather all of the info possible from the old plans, then do a walkthrough of the structure noting what's still the same and what's changed. When all of the on scene info is gathered, I'll come back to the station and input all of the plans into a Visio program on the computer (kind of like a building design program to do floor plans, streets, power lines, ect.) After that's finished, I hand all of the files to another guy who than takes all of the floor plan, plot plan and verbal information and puts them into another program to link it all together for our laptop that we take on the Engine. (although we do still have the binders with the updated plans on each Engine). When it's all said and done, all that's required is just click on the name from an alphabetical list and it goes straight to all info needed for that structure; including floor plan, plot plan, contact information, pictures of all sides of the structure, and so forth. I'll admit that it is quite time consuming to get to that point, but it's 100 times better than the binders.
    I know my reply may not have made a whole lot of sense, but I hope it gives you a new idea for a new way of doing them.
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    We have been converting all our paper plans over to computer with FireZone. Been at it for about a year and a half. Took a bit to figure out the program but know its a breeze. When we finish, we are going to load them into laptops on the rigs.

    Whats nice about this program is our county dispatch can load all of our plans into the CAD and send them to any of our mutal aid departments that have laptops, and we can get thiers
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