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    Default Dave's Michigan EMS Headquarters

    Hello to all the Firefighters and Paramedics here in Firehouse.

    I want to thank you for all you do you are truly professionals and very much in nned of more respect and thanks.

    I have been a Police Paramedic and a Paramedic and now an Instructor Coordinator In EMS Total years now equals 26 yrs.

    I am conducting a 3 yr study on Scene safety for FF/Paramedics EMT's and Paramedics and EMTS
    Hazards and Dangers

    I am also looking at the number of FF/EMS programs in the U.S. as well as stories or information regarding attacks while on scene, if you have data you are willing to share for the research I truly would be honored to include it in my study and provide the appropriate credit.

    Also does your systems have two tiered systems such as police/ems and private or FF EMS and Private
    such as this:


    Fire EMS

    Again I wanted to stop by introduce myself and more importantly thank you Firefighters, Paramedics, and EMTS for all you do for us.

    You FF and paramedics are a critical part of our Homeland Security.


    Dave D.
    Paramedic and Instructor Coordinator

    You can e-mail anytime my address is included in my profile

    God Bless and Stay Safe
    Dave's EMS Headquarters
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