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    Default Americas Most Wanted All Stars

    Nominate An AMW All Star

    Nominate someone you know.

    >>Click here When an emergency happens, they're there for us, without hesitation. All of the police, firefighters, EMTs, volunteers and others who dedicate themselves to serving the public on the frontlines are heroes - brave men and women who wake up every day prepared to put their lives on the line for us.

    An All Star is a hero of the highest order -- a sworn law enforcement officer or a first responder who goes above and beyond.

    America's Most Wanted wants to identify and honor some All Stars. If you know a first responder who went above and beyond, and really put heart and soul into their service tell us. The All Star you nominate could become the AMW All Star.

    The AMW All Star will receive $10,000 and a VIP trip to the Nextel NASCAR All Star Challenge

    Starting April 16, 2005 you can nominate an All Star at AMW.COM. We'll contact nominees and then post their photos in our All Star area. Names and photos of n ew nominees will be posted daily, so be sure to check back often. Nominations close at noon on May 5, 2005.

    John Walsh and the AMW staff will review all of the nominations and select finalists. We'll post all of the finalists on AMW.COM. Then on May 7, voting will open. You'll have 10 days to tell us who you think should be the AMW All Star. When voting closes on May 17, AMW will review the finalists, count up the votes and pick the top AMW All Star.

    All Star Honors

    Nextel has teamed up with AMW to honor the All Star. The winner will receive $10,000 and a VIP trip to the Nextel NASCAR All Star Challenge as well as an AMW varsity jacket.

    Nominate an All Star

    Terms & Conditions

    Join AMW.COM | AMW.COM members will get an early invitation to voting.
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    Default Re: Americas Most Wanted All Stars

    Originally posted by SPIPER
    The AMW All Star will receive $10,000 and a VIP trip to the Nextel NASCAR All Star Challenge
    Let me guess. The 2nd place winner gets two VIP trips to the Nextel NASCAR All Star Challenge.

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    My partner will soon by on by the end of today apparently, was nominated by his niece. Unfortunately as we are Canadian, we are not eligible for the prizes, but it was an incredible honour for him to know his niece thought so highly of him.

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    It's too bad that they don't have a little blurb on why the people were nominated. It would be nice to read some of the stories.

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