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    Default Sometimes it just ain't your day...

    If you feel like things are going badly for you today, just remember - you could be in this poor lady's shoes. I can't decide if she should never leave the house again or go out and buy a lottery ticket ASAP.....


    Chapin woman survives car crash, train collision

    (Columbia) April 25, 2005 - Lana Hudspeth, 37, of Chapin lost control of her car on Highway 76 in Ballentine around 2:30am Sunday morning.

    The Highway Patrol says the vehicle left the roadway, struck a tree and then fell down a 30-foot embankment and landed on railroad tracks. Hudspeth stayed there for a couple hours until a train came along at 4:45am, hitting and pushing her car 300 yards down the track.

    Highway Patrol LCPL Bryan McDougal says the site of the initial crash was difficult to see from the road, "Evidently no one witnessed the first crash and the vehicle was not visible from the roadway or passersby."

    McDougal says emergency crews had to extract Hudspeth from her vehicle and then airlift her to Palmetto health Richland, "The amount of the force from that crash is unbelievable and for someone to survive is miraculous, I would say because it was a violent collision."

    The woman's family says Hudspeth is in serious condition. She is said to have been talking with her rescuers after the twin crashes.

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    Sounds like the begining of a bad day joke. Guess that glass i broke today was not so bad

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    Holy Cow!!!!

    I would have bought a lottery ticket for her!!!!!
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    Originally posted by firenresq77
    Holy Cow!!!!

    I would have bought a lottery ticket for her!!!!!
    My wife wondered how sick of a mind I had when I laughed at the story on the news last night, I told her that the women was a fool if she did not have someone buy her a bunch of tickets!

    That is one lucky/unlucky women, depending on if you are a half full or half empty type of person! I wish her well in her recovery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyckftbl View Post
    LOL....dont you people have anything else to do besides b*tch about our b*tching?

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    My dad's jeep was hit by a train and my brother mick's babyseat was what ended up saving him luckily my brother wasnt in it of course. (i guess my dad should have bought himself a lottery ticket)
    This was long before i was born. He needed to be revived four times on the wa to hospital and once more when he arrived!
    but yeah, my brother's baby seat became a sheild that stopped two pieces of metal going through his chest, so if that wasnt in the car, i wouldnt be posting this and my mum would be a widow.

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