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    Default Looking for input on economics of firefighting

    So, I have sort of an odd paper that is due in a few weeks, and am looking for input a few different parts of it. I'm not looking for someone to write it for me, but to assist me in finding local information for their area.

    The paper I'm writing deals with the economics of obtaining a job as a firefighter. I'm planning on writing in multiple "views", with each view representing a different area in a part of the US.

    Mainly, I need to find out about the different "probie schools", what costs the department is faced with, what costs the student is faced with, as well is what are the outcomes for your area. I'd like to include pay and benefits, as well as some details to the "quality of life" you can attain based on what you (or the "student") may receive.

    I'm going to be talking to some local departments, and am hoping I can receive some information from members here on Firehouse that have experienced going from "step 1" to having a career ( Editted to add: A career does not necessarily mean a full time job in the fire service, I meant to include volunteer experience also. Volunteering can very well be considered a career too!). I'm picking and searching through the forums here too, for the older posts, and other details that I could be able to use. It seems that Google has become my best friend when it comes to researching this topic. Although, "Firefighting Economics" is a twisted way to describe what I'm trying to accomplish.

    Experiences, estimates of the costs for your schooling and training, did it break the bank? Any and all input is appreciated, especially when I'm trying to gather gobs of information from across the US.

    I've got about a month to write this paper, which is supposed to end at a minimum of six pages, but preferred to be close to ten, at size ten font and no double spacing.

    Once again, anything you have to offer, or any information you can point me too, is greatly appreciated in many ways.
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    The Firefighter 1 course at Louisiana State University Fire Training Institute in Baton Rouge is about $1200 and I beleive they do have some spartan accomadations on campus. There is also a school just over the border in Texas, I believe in Tyler, that has a program where you get FF1/FF2 and national EMT-Basic over 3 months. I was talking to some of them at a fire school last weekend they said it was a little over $3,000, but that included dorm and meals. It's very popular with Canadians who have only a few very expensive options nord of the border.

    Don't know if you are looking at salaries, but the firefighters here in the 2 major cities in northwest Louisiana start at about $32,000, with a $3,000 state supplemental pay kicking in after 1 year. One department requires that you already have Firefighter 1 and EMT-Basic to take the test as they have basically eliminated thier academy, and the other one requires no training at all to test as it's all done inhouse at the academy.

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