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    Lightbulb On-board computers and GPS mapping systems

    Our Department is looking for information concerning on-board computer systems and GPS mapping software.
    I would like some input from those who currently have these systems. My questions are:

    1. What type system (removable laptops or hard-wired systems?

    2. What type software?

    3. What are the good/bad points?

    4. How do you receive your alarms?

    5. What fd are you with?

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    You can contact the Oldsmar or Tarpon Springs, Fl fire departments. They are the test sites for our new county system. Im sure they would have good information to share.


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    The most important place to start your search is through the dispatcher's office. Your dispatcher currently uses some CAD program to dispatch calls. A good amount of CAD programs have mobile computer "clients" to be used in responding vehicles, sharing information like call location, call type, units responding/onscene, etc.

    The hardware (Computers, GPS, mounting) is the easy stuff. The hard part is getting the info to the hardware. Send me an email if you want to talk further.


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    We currently have onboard laptops in all our units. We use the Panasonic Toughbook, They are romovable, I dont know what software information you want, If we are in district we can recieve a dispatch from the truck ( an alarm go off on the laptop and the call sheet with dispatch info pops up on your screen) If you would like any more info feel free to email or PM me. I know this is not much info but I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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