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    Thumbs up Veterans' pictures thread

    OK, so turning the dreaded 3-0 made me a little wistful yesterday. As the wife and I were looking at some picture albums I came across a few military pics, that gave me an idea. I know there are a lot of proud Vet's on this board, so how about posting some of your military pics? Anyone game? Let's see all you Zoomies, Squids, Leathernecks, Groundpounders and Coasties on this site.

    As for me, USAF Security Police
    at home- http://memimage.cardomain.net/member...49_31_full.jpg

    abroad- http://memimage.cardomain.net/member...49_32_full.jpg

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    Hey Brother.

    I still have the full set of jungle camo clothes, beret and badges from your unit.

    Swapped with a Sky-Cop during the last TRIAD (USA, Aussie, New Zealand) exercise held in New Zealand in 1984.

    Had a blast for two weeks working with you guys.

    The pictures here were taken the following year when we graduated as RNZAF Police Dog Handlers.

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    Those are beautiful dogs Kiwi! I have a 100lb German Shepherd myself (as a pet, not a working dog), they are very smart and make great companions.

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    Hello from a fellow AF vet. Lemme see, the first pic is with a 130, and it looks cloudy and rainy out - must be stationed in Europe.
    Second pic is obvious - I think I had that dang hummer once myself.

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