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    Default Relocating to Calgary

    Does anyone know whether you get extra points in the selection matrix if you actually reside in Calgary when you apply?

    I'm considering moving from Vancouver Island to Calgary if it would me a stronger candidate. But I love the rock, and I don't want to go if it isn't going to help me.

    I didn't see anything about this particular issue on the Calgary Fire Department website.

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    Hey Crashtest. I don't believe that there are any extra points for being a Calgary resident at the time of application. (I don't know for sure though) But if you are thinking of applying for Calgary, now is definitley the right time. I have a ff buddy that is on my volly dept and has gotten onto the Calgary dept for next year's hire. Starting next year you will need your 1001 BEFORE applying but right now you do not need it. Good luck
    PS - You'll love Calgary

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    Default Moving to Calgary

    I can tell you for certain that there is zero advantage in moving to Calgary to impress the selection committee. They are more interested in your personal development then your address. Work on your interview skills and fitness level. Know as much as you can about the issues within the fire service. Be accountable and dependable with references who can prove your claims. That my friend is the key to success in a nutshell.

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