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    Default Construction Machinery Classes?

    Received a question from a fellow instructor and I thought maybe some of you might have some suggestions. any help or contact info would be appreciated I'm sure.....

    "Mr. Moore,

    For years, I have enjoyed your great work on extrication and even purchased your 2nd edition book and am looking to get the instructor CD. My question is incidents involving heavy machines such as cranes, back loaders, street sweepers, bulldozers and the like. I have looked anywhere and everywhere and can't find anything on the subject.

    Even when I contacted Ron Shaw, all he said was that I should attend his course.

    The issue is that I am working on my instructor II course development certification and this is the subject my team and I have to start a lesson plan for.

    Any assistance whether it be info from you or even a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and keep up the excellent work."
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    While not exactly the same, Farm Machinery poses almost all of the same general extrication challenges as heavy equipment.

    My first suggestion would be to look into some of the already established Farm Machinery Extrication programs such as "Farm Medic".
    This class will give you the basics to build from. This type of equipment is built to withstand greater forces that our rescue tools can generate so disassembly & disentanglement are your only 2 real options.

    (One of several links I turned up on a Google search http://www.cravencc.edu/educational/....cfm#Farmmedic)

    This particular class is taught by none other than Billy Leach which leads me to my next suggestion . . .
    Look at the Big Rig programs as well. These programs will give insights as to lifting & moving the heavy stuff.

    Also this type of scenario could also involve various other rescue disciplines as well such as trench, confined space, and Haz-Mat so the inclusion of at least an awareness level of understanding should be included in this program.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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