Child OK after getting arm caught in elevator

PORT CHARLOTTE -- A 3-year-old boy was not injured after his arm was caught in an elevator door at a medical center Tuesday afternoon.

Around 2:45 p.m., the boy apparently lagged behind his mother on the third floor of the Harbor Cardiology and Vascular Center, 1600 Tamiami Trail, when they were leaving the building, according to Dee Hawkins, spokeswoman for Charlotte County Fire & EMS.

By the time Fire & EMS workers arrived, the boy was free from the elevator door and not in need of treatment, Hawkins said.

According to several patients waiting in the clinic during the accident, the boy was more scared than hurt. Several of the patients, including Frank Lindell, raced over to help free the boy, whose shirt may have gotten caught in the door.

Lindell, of Deep Creek, said he used the book he had been reading, "Conviction," to prop open the elevator door so the boy's arm could be released. Lindell said he pushed so hard that he "popped out" of his shoes.

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