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    Unhappy job rescinded

    I need some feed back on my sitation. Recently I was offered a position with a fire department in Nevada. I was taking my stress test when at the end the doctor mentioned that my oxygen sats were low at the end of the test. He said it was nothing to worry about and that he would get bck 2 me with the results later. A week later a Batt. Chief calls and says they hve recinded my offer of employment due 2 mt stress test. What angers me is that they didnt even give me a chance to get checked out by a cardiologist or retake the test 2 c if it was just an error. The academy was not 2 start for another 4 weeks, which would of given me plenty of time to be seen by a doctor. Further more they told me that I would have to start from scratch if I were 2 test with them again. I was on the list for 2 years and had 3 interviews with them. I dont get why they didnt wait for me. Can anyone feel my pain?

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    I have no idea how your recruitment systems work, but that seems really unfair. Good luck with whatever may come of it.

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