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    Hey folks

    Looking for some info on dive rescue. I have been asked to devolop a proposal on how many personnel, initail training cost, equipment and annual operating cost for a dive team.

    Can anyone tell me what the minimum amount of personnel is needed for such a team. Also is there any law, rule or regulation or standard stating that each member be certified by a recognized agency or can initail trainingg be done by a certified Public safety diver.

    If anyone has an inventory list of nessessary equipment to include PPE, would you be interested in sharing that with me? Finally does anyone have S.O.P.s regarding Public Safety Diving.

    To give anyone a better understanding of what I am needing our responsibilities would include cold water lakes and ice rescue.

    Thank you for any input.

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    You might try contacting the Mission Township Fire Department in Kansas. They have a certified dive and water rescue team. They have a website with contact info. I am sure they would be glad to help you out, I think they are also a member of firehouse, so you might try looking them up.
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    Save your time and money!!!!

    I work in a county that is surrounded by water on 3 sides. At one time, about half the departments(out of 17)had paid, on duty dive teams. Now we have 2, and both of these, along with the Sheriff's team, are used for body recovery.

    My experiance (22 yrs and MANY of these calls)) is in the VAST majority of situations, for a dive rescue to have success, your divers have to be with the victim in under 10 minutes. Anything longer and your looking at a body recovery. So, unless the rescue is accross the street from your station, your odds are poor at best. I understand that cold water is different, but we dont have cold water here

    I applaud your intrest in improving your agencies capabilities. Its just I would hate to see another department make the same mistakes that mine and others in my area have made. Wasteing TONs of money, not to mention all the hours of training, on this venture.

    Please think about this long and hard. Its a HUGE investment. I think you may be better served with investing in some nice water rescue equipment. Buy a nice boat with rescue gear, maybe even one with a fire pump
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