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    Default CPAT Course?

    Does anyone know where I could go and do the CPAT program in western Canada, preferably in BC? Does anyone put it on as a weekend course or anything like that? I am looking to recert as my current certification has expired, is it only offered through fire departments during recruitment processes?

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    Sorry Knightofmalta, only know the University of Calgary does CPAT testing. Havent got a clue about B.C.
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    You may want to try the Justice Institute of BC or the Maple Ridge Campus. Not sure if you'll be able to find what you are looking for, but the JI is the main provider for all EMS training in the province. Maple Ridge is the training ground for most departments in the area, I don't know off hand of any others. I know that Nanaimo offers some live fire stuff, but as for CPAT testing at any of these places I'm not sure. At any rate, I hope these links will help you.
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    Default CPAT testing

    Just a correction; University of Calgary does not do CPAT testing. Only the CFD and now Fire-Etc, do testing in Alberta. One of the departments in the lower mainland (Surrey??) does as well. They could be busy as I believe Vancouver Fire is going to contract out CPAT testing to them soon. Having meetings with VFD later this week so if I get some details, will pass them on.

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