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Thread: Movie Review

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    Thumbs up Movie Review

    I know we don't see much of this except for movies, shows and the such which are fire, ems or police related.

    My wife and I went and saw "The Hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy" yesterday and I enjoyed it alot. Now I have to say that it was very strange. The comedy reminds me more of Monty Python then anything else. The movie gets you right from the start with the opening song.

    My recommendation is 3 out of 4 nozzles.
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    Thumbs down

    1 1/2 bugles out of 4 for me. My brother (who has read all the books), my father, and I all went to see it on sunday.

    the begining was pretty good. however, the middle and the end went downhill, and as my extremely annoying brother kept saying, it wasn't as the book had it written.

    also, but the end of the movie, I felt myself struggling to stay awake. while this might be due to various things, my father felt the same way, so I'm thinking it was because the middle and end dragged on and on.

    it was partially entertaining, but I wouldn't recommend anyone spending the money to go see it.
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