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    Arrow Elderly man mistakes firefighters for burglars

    Elderly man mistakes firefighters for burglars, threatens them with
    gas pistol
    ST. POELTEN, Austria (AP) - An elderly man who mistook
    firefighters for burglars as they arrived to douse a small blaze at
    his apartment complex threatened to shoot them with a gas-powered
    pistol, police said Wednesday.
    Authorities confiscated the pistol and two other loaded gas
    weapons after Tuesday's incident in St. Poelten, about 80
    kilometers (50 miles) west of Vienna. The weapons are powered with
    CO2 cartridges that shoot projectiles, unlike conventional guns
    that use bullets or shells.
    The confrontation began after firefighters knocked on doors of
    the housing complex after rushing there to extinguish the fire.
    When they alerted the 79-year-old unidentified retiree, he shouted,
    "Go away or I'll shoot!," the Austria Press Agency reported,
    citing official accounts.
    Police seized all three weapons and the permits the man had to
    keep them, APA said. It was unclear whether the man would face

    (Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

    Hey Ray...if I ever get that old and senile....shoot me!
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    How about assault with a deadly cooking utensil? I had a female charge at me in the hallway of an apartment complex with a frying pan because when the fire alarm went off, we showed up, found smoke in the hallway, evacuated the building, only to discover this woman was the cause of it all (food on the stove) Reason for the attack of the frying pan? Her cat sneaked out the door when she opened it.

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    Unhappy This is a sad case

    Local Case!

    A few years ago a granddaughter of a elderly male could not reach him by phone.She then drove to the home and could not get a response by knocking at the door.She them slide open a window and was sliding through when she was shot and killed by her grandfather.What a sad mistake.
    Police and fire-ems respond regularly to similar events know a welfare checks.

    Beware of old folks with guns.
    Always a day late and a dollar short!

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