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    Exclamation Fatality Reported In Car/LA Fire Truck Crash

    Fatality Reported In Car/Fire Truck Crash
    Several Firefighters Injured In Accident

    LOS ANGELES -- Several firefighters were injured and a civilian was killed in a crash at Jefferson and Budlong streets in the North University Park area, northwest of the University of Southern California campus.

    Images: Car/Fire Truck Crash

    Helicopter video from the scene shortly after 10 a.m. showed that the truck crashed into a tree and at least three cars. One of the vehicles was lodged under the front of the fire truck after the accident.

    A Fire Department spokesman said there were three people in a car that was hit, and one of those people was killed on impact. The others were injured and were reproted in moderate to serious condition.

    Four firefighters were also injured. They were all reported in moderate to serious condition.

    There was no immediate word on what caused the accident.
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    Unhappy fire truck car wreck

    I hate to see this sort of thing to happen. I hope that everyone, outside of the DOA is doing okay. Please let us know what the final outcome of the cause or causes were. Stay safe out there.

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    I'm not a member of the LAFD, but i live in the LA area. It's tough to see something like this happen, but honestly i'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. I've noticed more and more motorists refusing to pull over and let emergency vehicles by. One motorist was quoted saying something to the effect "why do they have to drive so fast and swerve around me". Of course, when it's their house on fire or their sorry but all tangled up in an auto accident their response is "why can't they get here faster".

    Curious, this is Engine 215, which means it is part of Light Force 15. A BC was quoted as saying that 4 members were injured, one of which critically. To my knowledge, a Light Force has 1 to 2 heads on the second engine. The rest are on the truck. Not a big deal, just curious.

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    Post Details sketchy at this time

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - A fire truck with its lights and siren on
    collided with a car at an intersection near the University of
    Southern California Thursday, killing one person and injuring
    The accident occurred at 9:30 a.m. as firefighters on at least
    two trucks were responding to a structure fire, said Los Angeles
    city fire deputy chief Andrew Fox.
    "They had the full emergency lights and siren operating," he
    A car appeared to make a left turn in between the two trucks.
    The second fire engine hit the car, propelling it down the road and
    into a tree, uprooting the tree.
    Los Angeles police Capt. Bill Sutton said the woman killed was
    30 to 35 years old. She was not immediately identified.
    Four firefighters were injured - one of them seriously.
    Four other people were injured, two seriously.
    Several people were briefly trapped in the wreckage, including
    one of the firefighters, said fire department spokesman Jim Wells.
    They were eventually freed and transported to hospitals.
    A second car was also hit, but it was not immediately clear how
    it became involved.
    Sutton said detectives were investigating the incident.

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    That is horrible. What in the world are people thinking, pulling out in front of a fire truck? It scares the hell out of me to drive down the road anymore. I've always said that BMV needs to retest drivers every 5 years. Maybe it would help save a few more lives.

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    I really doubt that a retest would help, people don't drive the same way at BMV. As for us, we need to SLOW DOWN. They pretty much stopped enforcing yield to EV's a long time ago.

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    Yes this is tragic.

    I was wondering the same thing since the unit is marked as 215 why there were so many firefighters. Usually the 200 series of Engines respond with the corresponding Ladder Company assigned to the station and have only drivers assigned. I knew of only one exception and that was the Task Force 9. I know that Task Force 9 a couple years ago or more recently were running with Engine 9 and Engine 209 as four man pieces and that along with Ladder 9 they could in theory be at three seperate incidents. So I guess this means that the City of Los Angeles Fire Department has increase the staffing at some other Task Force Stations.


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    If that was from a two-car house, the first engine might have passed by leading the car's driver to think that the danger had cleared. Just one reason why it is important to run different tones when traveling together.
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    First of all let me say I'm sincerely sorry to see this happen. But I'm of the opinion we need to make it a severe penalty obstructing an emergency vehicle. Now I'm not for throwing laws at everything that comes along, but I for one am sick and tired of trying to respond to a call and being held up by some person talking on their cell, not paying attention and then when you do get around them they flip you off for making them pull over.
    Case in point, last night my captain and I were responding in our squad for mutual aid on an ems call. We had the normal yahoo's that took forever to pull over, but we followed a semi for over a mile and he wouldn't budge, heck, the trucks in FRONT of him started pulling over before he did. And we were changing tones, pulling in the oposite lane so he could see us, we just couldn't pass until he finally pulled off.
    I really think that if someone causes a delay or heaven forbid an accident and it's proven that the FD was responding in accordance to sop and in a prudent manner. That person should be held accountable. Make it a financial responsibility and that would get people's attention.
    Just my opinion.

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    Originally posted by DennisTheMenace
    If that was from a two-car house, the first engine might have passed by leading the car's driver to think that the danger had cleared. Just one reason why it is important to run different tones when traveling together.
    From what I've heard, that's exactly what happened...the driver of the car went between the two engines (assuming the first was Engine 15).

    Its my understanding that LAFD has been increasing the staffing of all the Light Forces. Also, Station 15 is right across the street from the University of Southern California, so they may have additional staffing because of that exposure.

    We had a TC in our department years ago that was similar. Motorist crossed or turned behind one of our engines and didn't see the PD cruiser that was following. I believe that one was a fatal for the motorist as well (way before my time).
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    The rig in question (E-215) was temporarily cross-staffed with extra personnel when one of the vehicles in the Task Force was taken out of service.

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    Will anyone from the department be charged with the accident?

    I know in the state of Michigan (at least from what I have read and have been told). If we are in an accident with a civilian vehicle we can be charged with their death.

    I am hoping maybe they found the other driver to be negligent for the left hand turn. Would be interesting to hear what the outcome of this would be though.


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