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    How do you guys do your poker night. ME and some of the guys at the station are looking to start a friendy low end poker night. We are all new at this and will mostly be playing texas hold em. I was wondering what some people do as far as value for chips, or a buy in game or other ideas.


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    Basic: Nickle/dime/quarter chips with a $10 buy-in or dime/quarter/$.50 chips with $20 buy-in. Three raise max.; Nickel or dime ante.

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    Check out for some goods. They have the number of chips needed for the number of players and all of that good stuff, as well as the basic rules and styles of play. I've been holding a no-limit tournament at my house for the gang since November but it's just as easy to do a $1/$2 game, or whatever you want.

    We run the chips as $1000 no matter what the buy-in. Makes it more adaptable that way. One game I play in has $50 buy-in, mine we usually run $20. Sometimes we just run cash games, $1 per $100 in chips, cash in and out whenever you want.

    White - $5
    Red - $10
    Blue - $25
    Green - $50
    Black - $100
    Yellow - $500
    Purple - $1000

    I bought 1000 chips from a guy on eBay, it was $60/500 chip set when everyone else was selling them for $125. Office Depot also sells round 3/4" diameter stickers if you have a bunch of free time or want to get serious. I printed out all sorts of graphics for one side of the chip and the $ amounts on the other. Of course, I pulled them off my own web site:

    Next stop: building a nice table top in the garage/woodworking shop. They have some nice plans on that web site too.

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