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    Default Getting ready to apply

    Hi my name is Eric. I am a 21 yr old newly wed from ohio. I recently brought up the idea to my wife about going to iraq. Despite the fact that she is 30 weeks pregnant she is behind me %100 because its something that I want to do. She is only asking that I wait till after our daughters first christmas. So i'm going to be applying for the job in late december. If anybody has any info on their experiences with this or any advice please feel free to let me know. My email is Firefighteremt94@aol.com . My wife will greatly appreciate it too. Thanks for these threads and I send my best to the family and friends whos loved ones are gone.

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    Default Hmmm, not sure it could be right for you...

    Are you implying that you want to enlist for military service or go as a firefighter etc.? I have three little boys and my whole attitude on taking chances and responsibility has changed since I've had them. I'm a career firefighter and often wonder is it's a good idea to extend my years or go out in the alotted 25. Everything seems to take on new meaning when you have children. My advice is...You're young. You're a newlywed. You're almost a father. Give it a shot and maybe do it later. You're still very young with many experiences ahead of you and yes, going to Iraq would add to that. Follow a dream but be careful what you wish for. You will miss your child immensely, I'm sure. I don't know if any advice is the proper advice but try to think as a family vs. for yourself. It is okay to be selfish and reach for the dream, but you have family now and it's your responsibility to provide with/for them...I can't say more but good luck with your endeavor regardless of what it is and God Bless you and your family.

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