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    I'm sure someone with intimate knowledge may chime in. But I've heard from a few that E-One will never be back. Never is a long time, so who knows.

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    Default Back to the chassis question

    For some of you old truck guys (rescue101) think back to the old White truck of days gone buy. I think this chassis has some of that styling. Here is a link to a site that has some vintage Whites and you can see the grille and contors of those truck in this "new" chassis.


    Also take a look at Autocar's web site, yes they are still making the Autocar truck chassis.


    White/Autocar as well as Volvo made a limited number of converted vocational truck chassis into fire chassis in the late 80's and early 90's that look very simular. Grille, windshields and cab style.

    Just my opinion.

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    Default Volvo chassis

    A few Volvo (formerly White) Road Xpeditor chassis (low cab forward, commonly used in refuse and local P & D work) were extended to four door fire chassis. They were very well done by Fontaine Modification Co. Fontaine maintains facilities near many major truck factories, for the purpose of doing modifications to trucks that are needed to make them suitable for a specific purpose or customer, but just wouldn't be compatible with a vehicle assembly line. One big booster of them was Snyder Volvo White Trucks in York, Pa. They put one on display at the Penna. Fire Expo every year for a number of years. I think that there's one in service in south central Penna. somewhere, but I don't know just where, and I don't know whose body it has. I also know that a company call Fire Cab (they were'nt around very long) built at least one but I don't know where it is.

    When Volvo bought Mack Trucks the government made them divest one of their LCF lines. Otherwise, between the Road Xpeditor and the Mack MR, one company would have controlled over 90% of the LCF business. Autocar, LLC was formed to acquire the Xpeditor line and the Autocar name. Fontaine has a facility near the Autocar plant.

    When we were looking a chassis for our new engine (see "Toyne wins") we did contact Autocar about this item. They, in turn contacted Fontaine, but Fontaine declined it. So that was the end of that.

    Real pity. At one time when Autocar was still in Ardmore, Pa. and later in Exton, they sold complete fire trucks under their own name. Philadelphia had a bunch of them and some surrounding communities some, too. They had a great reputation for durability and reliability. So much so that that if Volvo (when they had it) or Autocar would build a fire chassis with the A-car name on it, I don't think they'd be able to build them fast enough.

    Stay safe out there, everyone goes home!

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