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    Post Minimum Training Standard

    HAs everyone heard about the newly revised and proposed "Minimum Training Standard" for Firefighters? If so..... what are your thoughts and concerns?

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    Default The last one I heard on it...

    I have mixed feelings on it. I agree with the training, and know that in my department, the Good Ole Boys were against training until we could show them this and force them into it. Here, if you want training, you are a threat-you might learn something they don't know. Or, you might refuse to do something dumb they tell you to do because it is more dangerous than it needs to be. So, I welcome the training.
    On the other hand, it could cause problems. With me personally, I am currently in Medic school until August of next year. With working full time, going to school, and trying to keep from getting divorced I have my hands full. I don't want to quit the department at this time, but depending on the time frame, might not be able to get all the required training. It is a time thing, but I don't want to take vacation time to go do training. I also see this as a barrier to recruitment, and with some of our members, recruiting is hard enough already. I think in the long run it will be good, people will feel better about joining knowing they will get the training they need to be safe.
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    I think it is one of the best thing the IFSTB has ever done. It is about time someone put the old crusty good old boys in their place!

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