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    Hey all,

    I have about three years left on my enlistment in the Air Force and then I plan to separate and become a firefighter. Within that time I'm going to get my EMT- Intermediate and an academy certificate out of Texas. However I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as far as suggested reading material goes. What’s the good stuff to look for and the crap to stay away from? Like would it be worth it to pick up Essentials of Firefighting (4th edt.) &/or Firefighters Handbook by Thomas Delmar Learning? Is there something better out there that I should be looking for?

    Also, here in my area there aren't any volunteer fire departments. How would you suggest getting some experience?

    And lastly, are there any really good and healthy ways to put on weight? I'm 21 about 6'1 and weigh 155. I'm military police so I can run laps round people easy. Lift em... that's another story. I have family members who say I could pass the CPAT. But I don't want to just pass it; I want to pass it comfortably. Any insight?


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    Ok... I don't know much, but maybe what I've found out from helping my husband get started might help you. The academy he's going to uses the Essentials book as their text. We got a copy on Ebay pretty cheap (what can I say, we're both students!). Also, several of the tests he's taken were supposedly taken from that book and the Brady book (Brady Emergency Care Edition 8) (also a good Ebay purchase). I haven't looked at the fire book, but the Brady book is pretty interesting, especially since I'm getting my EMT this summer. I think they're up to a higher version on the Brady book.
    I would say look into the academy you plan to attend and check out what books they are using, and also look at some places you want to apply and see what they tell you to use to study (if anything). Some do, some don't. Some of them also tell you what to expect on the CPAT.
    Also, you might look into going ahead and getting your Paramedic training, as a lot of the departments around won't hire you without it, and the competition to get into the ones that don't is pretty stiff (there were 800+ people at one test my husband went to).
    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the reply. I went and bought the Essentials of Fire 4 and a book that our very own Capt. Bob put out that I hadn't heard of. I found them at not bad prices I guess. They'll take a month to get here but hey whatchya gonna do right?

    Have a great one!

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    Default Somestarting points...

    Here are some web sites to start at- (check out their forums)

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