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    Default cheiftain turnouts

    Hey everyone, just a question for all you guys. My FD is fixing to order some new turnouts. It's going to be cheiftan 3200x advance khaki. I was hoping some of you had some experience with this gear and could share your knowledge. Thanks in advance.

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    Thats exactly what we have. We like em.

    Compaird to our old stuff (Morning Pride nearly 10 or more years old) its incredible.

    Check the Project Heroes thread...there may be BIG changes comeing for PPE.

    To early to tell for sure.
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    I would go with another brand. We did not have very good luck with it.

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    That's what we have and I have no complaints. My turnout gear is used a lot and I haven't had any problems with it at all. I used to have morning prde, no problems with it either, but it is a lot heavier, mainly because of it's older construction a different material (nomex). Any name brand gear should give you good service though.
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    Default Re: cheiftain turnouts

    Originally posted by rocdoc
    My FD is fixing to order some new turnouts.
    You didn't even need to put that you were from TX........ We could tell just from this sentence!!
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