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    Default Question for all the FDNY guys

    Hey guys

    This summer I am going to be going to NYC for vacation before I head out to be a Air Force Firefighter and I was wondering would it be okay if I went to a FDNY station and hung out for a little while? I don't know where we will be staying and when we will be there but I believe sometime in July. Just thought it would be cool to hang out with a crew from NYC while on vacation but just wanted to know if it was okay before I got there.

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    Default FDNY Visits

    This last year I was in New York for about ten days. My girlfriend and I visited at lest ten or so firehouses all over Manhattan. I am a Fireman in California. As soon as I told them that they welcomed us with open arms. We didn't call ahead or anything, we just knocked on the door. Now mind you, be respectful. If they are busy or having a meal, come back at another time. If they are not busy they will show you around. They were amazing. We chatted at a couple firehouses for a couple of hours and would have shared a meal with a crew but they were called out. Enjoy NYC, it's the greatest city on earth, with the greatest fireman on earth. Good luck in the Air Force as well. Let me know if you need any more info, where to stay or anything like that. Take care.

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    My suggestion is to ask to speak with the officer. Let them know you are a firefighter and would like to visit.

    Actually Artie is pretty good at giving advice about this sort of thing.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    IACOJ Division of Fire and EMS

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