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    Default Firefighter Selection Inc. ( FSI) Exam

    For those of you that will be taking the Firefighter Selection Inc ( FSI) exam in the future, below are some proven testing taking strategies to help you improve your score.


    The FSI study guide you received at sign-up has over 100 pages of fire-related subjects that you must memorize. All the questions for the test are taken from these pages. The more prepared you are, the better your score will be. Remember that luck goes to the prepared! Many fire applicants have a false sense of security thinking these type of examinations that have study guides are easy. Nothing could be further from the truth. These examinations are difficult and will take a large amount of time to prepare for. Listed below are some strategies that we suggest you follow to increase your score:

    • When you first receive this study guide, you might feel it is overwhelming – don’t let it be. The key is to tackle each subject individually.
    • Start by reading the entire study guide from start to finish to give you a general idea of what is contained in the different testing subjects.
    • Your next step should be to go back to the first subject. Read it over. When you are finished, read it over again, this time highlighting and underlining all important information. You have now read the first testing subject three times. Repeat this for each testing subject.
    • For additional preparation, we suggest that you now make flashcards of all the important statements in the study guide, especially areas where you answered incorrectly. For example, under the subject of aerial ladders it states, “Aerial ladders are normally available in 65’, 75’, 85’ and 100’ lengths.” On the front of the card, you would write, “Aerial ladders are normally available in what lengths?” On the back of the card, write “65’, 75’, 85’ and 100’ lengths.” You can do this for each of the statements that you highlighted and underlined in each testing subject.
    • If you are dedicated to scoring well on the exam, you should make up between 250-500 flashcards.
    • Another study tip is to make audiotapes. Take the practice examination and/or flashcard questions and read them into a cassette tape, pausing 2-3 seconds after each question before you state the answer. Do not read the answer choices from the practice examination questions in your audiotape. This will help increase your knowledge of the material. Think of all the time you spend in your car that could be used for additional study time.
    • You can also use your cassette tapes when you need a break from reading the study guide.
    • You may want to try and form study groups of people who are also taking the examination, but be sure that the people in your study group are serious about studying for the examination and aren’t just going to use you to increase their score because they didn’t adequately prepare.

    Additional exam prep for the FSI exam can be found at the link below

    Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has prepared over 40,000 fire applicants with our entry level seminars and products. Fireprep.com has over 250 pages of FREE information and career articles to help you reach your goal of becoming a firefighter.

    Go to www.fireprep.com and register for our free fireprep e-mail newsletter that currently has over 14,000 subscribers.
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