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    Default When to start sending applications?

    I just finished EMT class this spring and will be taking the National Registry test this summer. I will be going into a 3 month full time fire academy here in Ocala, Florida to get my Fire 1 and 2 cerification and plan on working in Florida. Should I go ahead and start filling out applications while I am in the academy or should I wait until I have graduated from it? Thanks.


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    Congratulations on your progress thus far.

    You should not send in applications until you have all the requirements for the job. Most of the jobs state that you must have a state of FL cert for the job, not in school, or almost have one. Your application has to make it past Human Resources first, and they could care less at what stage you are. They screen your app, and if it doesn't meet the stated requirements, it gets put aside and not forwarded to the FD.

    What you should be doing is applying yourself while in school. Remember, you are always being evaluated. Do not talk about anyone or any other departments. You never know who is affiliated with who. During the academy, there are usually guest instructors. These are people from other departments and they are evaluating you. Do your best, as your main instructors could be your very best asset when you graduate. They will give a good word about you when other high ranking members of a department ask. Sometimes you are aware of this and sometimes not.

    Departments do not want your app while you are in school in case you wash out or do not pass the final state exam. The only caveat to this, is if you happen to get in good with a guest instructor and he tells you to go ahead and apply.(this happened to a friend of mine)

    Good Luck and don't hesiatte to request any further information. There are several of us here that are very familiar with FL.

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    If you meet the job qualifications and have a desire to work there, by all means, apply! If you don't meet the requirements, don't bother. This all varies by department.


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    Default Test Test Test!!!!!!

    Take Any Test You Can!

    The testing process for an agency can be lenthly. Just testing and getting on a list that could last two years or more would put you position as you finish school.

    Obtaining a Florida certification will put you ahead of many out of staters.

    Youíve got to be kidding me!

    Iíve talked to three candidates recently who had the opportunity to take some killer entry-level tests. They didnít take these tests. When I asked why? They said, I donít want to work there. That would require me to move and my wife wonít go, Iím waiting for the only department I want to work for now, or I only test in this region. Donít tell me how bad you want this job and then give me one of these stupid excuses.

    I have several candidates who have gone out of their state to take tests in preparation for the ďcity they really want to work forĒ. Guess what? They get offered jobs. How difficult would it be for you to turn a badge down? Guess where they live and work now? And, itís a lot easier to get a job once you have one. I know one candidate who went all the way to Wyoming to get his badge. Now heís testing back in his home state of Washington.

    Understand the more tests you take, the better you will be at taking tests. Then, when the one you really want comes along, youíre dialed up ready to nail that badge.

    Cost? Spare me this part. This is an investment in a career position that pays $50,000+ a year with unbelievable benefits way into retirement.

    Get serious. In case you havenít noticed, there is an army out there trying to get this job. You need every angle to make it happen for you. Firehire, CPS or what ever. Just get up, suit up and go do it.

    It will pay off biggggg in the future. You waste more time and money buying beer and pizza with your friends. Better odds? You bet. Many candidates were hired off last yearís tests. It will be another 2+ years before they test again. Ask them if it was worth it. It could be your day. Your ticket into the fire service.

    You can find more on testing secrets in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    Fire "Captain Bob" Author, Becoming A Firefighter and
    Conquer Fire Department Oral Boards



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