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    Does your department/fire co. have any policies in place regarding maximum age of participants in firefighting operations?
    When we view the LODD figures , we note how many firefighters succumb
    to heart related disorders- and , the trend for these individuals to
    have attained certain age levels .Do you envision the NFPA or OSHA
    addressing this issue?

    We all get older. At some point , we come to the realization that we are no longer the teenager/young adult that we were when many of us entered the emergency services. If you were "too old "to respond
    routinely to emergency calls ,what , would you do ?

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    one local LODD this year was a mid 20 year old that succumbed to a heart atack responding to the fire house and at the buisness I work at FT we had a 19 year old die of a heart atack at work in December so heart disorders do not necisarily depend on age. It has alot to do with life habits since so many people in their 20's and 30's have lived 10 years worth of supersize fast food. As long as they can pass a physical as required if required I don't see a need to chase away members when it is so hard to find manpower.

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